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They say a picture is worth a thousand words…..

Angie VanEman-Riley

Angie VanEman-Riley co-owns American Way Realty with her mentor and mother, Karla VanEman. She wears two hats- Team Leader and REALTOR...

Angie VanEman-Riley co-owns American Way Realty with her mentor and mother, Karla VanEman. She wears two hats- Team Leader and REALTOR...

Oct 30 5 minutes read

They say a picture is worth a thousand words….. if you are selling your house you want them to say “BUY ME”!!!

Most buyers narrow their search to their price point, ideal location and attributes of the home that fits what they are looking for. Then, they start looking at the pictures! As a seller, you want to make sure your house is on that list!! You want your photos to separate your house from the several others that buyers are looking at online. There have been many times I have seen a house in person, know that it is perfect for my client, but when I send them the listing, they aren’t interested in seeing it because it doesn’t appeal to them… the photos!! (side note: 9 out of 10 times I convince them to see the house.) There have also been times when I am searching the MLS for homes that would work for my client and find what looks perfect on paper but the house appears dark, messy and cluttered. When I see these listings, I can’t help but wonder what the homeowners think about the way their home is being marketed to potential buyers… sellers not check their house out online!? I know all my sellers do, I insist on it!

Here is an example of using a professional camera vs. an iPhone. What house would you rather tour?
homestead iphoneprofessional camera

When we restructured American Way Realty on Jan 1 2017 we hired a professional photographer and videographer that all of our clients have access to. We also have an in-house marketing director that edits all of our home photography to make sure is is always professional quality!! 

We have all seen the shot of the Realtor’s reflection in the bathroom mirror with the flash making a halo around their head. The living room that is so dark it looks like the home belongs to Dracula. The picture of the kitchen sink with last night’s dishes piled up in it. The teenager’s bedroom with Kate Upton on the wall and a week’s laundry on the floor. The wide angle lens shots that make a 10 x 10 bedroom appear as if it is 30×30. The photos with the seller in them!! And…my personal favorites are when the family pet photo bombs the pictures!! Yes, they are cute, but not all people love cats as much as, say, I do! With all that being said, in my opinion, it is vitally important your photos capture the great qualities in your home along with an accurate depiction of it. Beds should be made, drapes should be open, toilet seats down, dishes put away, pets kept out of the photo along with their owner, home should be clean and personal pictures should be taken down. Also, you should have as many photos as the MLS allows. In my case, my local Board’s MLS allows up to 25 photos, so that is how many I put in for my listings. There are times when looking online there are only exterior shots of a house. That house may be beautiful, but we will never know. Also, I believe the mind set for most buyers is, if you aren’t showing it to me…what are you hiding!? I can’t help but agree.

Every seller and buyer that I work with can usually pick out my photos from other listings (aside from the very few listings I have that the home owner insisted on photographing themselves. I will get to that in a bit). I am well aware I have what could be described as OCD. I think I am just a little particular. I have the belief that you can only make a first impression once. That is why I want my seller’s house to look as perfect as it can. I may take it over board with the drapes being aligned along with chairs being evenly spaced around the table, but it is just “my thing”. I have also been known to take over 100 photos of a two bedroom home. :/

Making your home look good to potential buyers is vital for a quick sale. There are several professional photographers out there that take beautiful pictures but it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get nice photos of your house. Photos can be taken on almost any point and click camera, just please don’t let it be an iPhone and please don’t use an Instagram filter.

When selling your house, make sure you hire a Mankato Realtor who understands the importance of presenting your home. If you are thinking about selling your house, give me a call for a free market analysis or give me a call if you would like to more info about my services or have any tips for dealing with OCD.

Thanks for reading, have a fantastic day!!

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