Hiring a Realtor to SELL your house, not show it.

I fell like there is a misconception about hiring a Realtor to sell your house and I would like to clear it up….

The other day I went on a listing appointment to talk with sellers who had their home on the market about 6 months ago and wanted a take new approach to selling their home. After walking thought their home, we sat down to discuss. There I did a market analysis for them showing them recent comparable sales, and did a net sheet for them to show what to expect for an offer and what their cash at closing will likely be. Once I was done I asked them “why do you think your house didn’t sell the first time around”, their answer shocked me. They told me they thought a big reason was that they didn’t have very many showings and lacked feedback from the showings (I hear this a lot), this was not the shocking part. The shocking part came when they said “AND our agent, who we hired to sell our house, never showed our house to any buyers!!!”. Immediately, thoughts started running through my head. “Do sellers really think that?! Is that what my clients think about me?!”

I found it to be perplexing and wanted to clear the air. So, here we go… Sellers do not hire a Realtor to SHOW their house, they hire us to SELL their house. Big difference! There are several times I list a house, enter it into the MLS, market it, negotiate an offer, sell it and I never showed it to a buyer, once.

The truth is sellers shouldn’t hire their agent based on the idea that they are the ones who should sell their home. They should hire an agent with a proven track record of selling homes they have listed. As a Realtor, it is my job to procure a buyer for my sellers. If that means I have the buyer, fantastic, but the majority of the time the houses are sold by a Realtor working with another company- this is referred to as a co-broker deal. 

I hope this helps clear up the misconception I have heard from sellers. If you would like to discuss potentially selling your home or would like more info on the topic above, please give me a call/text/email. #BOOM!

Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic day.