What do you mean I have to have the City inspect my house?!

If you are selling a home in Mankato or North Mankato you have to do a point of sale inspection prior to selling your home.

There is some confusion with this as it isn’t an inspection like one you would have a home inspector do. The city sends a representative to your home to make sure you are in compliance with the city codes. Confused yet?! Let me break it down for you….

City of Mankato– the city requires each home, prior to the sale, to have a point of sale inspection done. It is referred to as the “Firewall and I and I inspection”. The firewall refers to the sheet rocking, mudding and taping of the fire separation between the house and garage along with under the enclosed basement steps. If the City sends someone to your house and you do NOT pass the inspection, they require you to get a building permit for the work before they will send them back to re-check your house. The permit is $15.

The I and I inspection stands for inflow and infiltration. What this inspection does is in regards to the clear water discharge of your house. It checks that your sump is not being discharged to the sanitary sewer and is going outside.

City of North Mankato- the city requires each house when it is sold to be inspected but they do not require the Firewall inspection that Mankato does. They do require an I and I inspection along with a meter reading. This usually takes about 4.67 mins, tops! The city also requires the buyers to sign a property line disclosure, prior to closing. This is to acknowledge that the buyers are satisfied with the approximate boundary lines for the property they are purchasing and allows them the option to have the property surveyed at their expense. The city also has an I and I disclosure statement that is signed by both buyer and seller certifying that the property is in compliance with the city code and that the new owner will not redirect the sump pump to discharge in the sewer once they own the property.

More info on this riveting topic can be found on both of the city websites. If you have any questions, please let me know. If you would like copies of the City of North Mankato docs that are signed by both buyer and seller, please shoot me a note.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.